New York City

Entrepreneurs and the Need for an Autonomous Vehicle National Framework

When Level 5 autonomous vehicles are introduced to society and deployed for use the winners will not be traditional car manufacturers, but entrepreneurs who believed in the American dream and the public. These entrepreneurs will go on to completely reimagine the future of transportation while giving mobility to those who are most in need of a reliable form of point to point, on demand transportation.
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Chicago River

Autonomous Boats on the Chicago River

As we move towards full autonomy, one of the great strengths the City of Chicago has is the Chicago River. The City of Chicago should encourage entrepreneurs to test and deploy autonomous boats on the river to the benefit of everyone.
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Louis Vuitton

Imagining a Louis Vuitton Autonomous Vehicle Service

Brands touch every aspect of our lives, and in the future, globally-recognized brands such as Louis Vuitton could launch autonomous vehicle services. As Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, explores synergies across the group’s 70 brands, a Louis Vuitton branded autonomous vehicle service could act as the next catalyst for growth for the brand.
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Waymo Self-Driving Car

The Importance of Autonomous Vehicle Demo Days

The biggest hurdle currently facing the autonomous vehicle industry is fear. Both the fear of the unknown from consumers and the fear of liability. In today’s litigious society, companies are reticent to take risks. When planning for the future of autonomous vehicles, AV manufacturers must take into account the public’s fear of the unknown, while mitigating risk.
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City of Tomorrow

Planning for the City of Tomorrow

Autonomous vehicles will change every aspect of our society, and it is crucial that cities start to plan today. If cities do not plan for the future of autonomy today, they will face undue economic challenges as the urban plan will have to be redesigned and rebuilt to accommodate autonomous vehicles and eventually autonomous flying transport.
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